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Blog - Fighting in Prayer

Fighting in Prayer

Posted by Ron Vining on

We are in a spiritual battle with the world, the flesh and the devil. I read a devotional recently that encouraged me to “fight like an Israelite.” This grabbed my attention.  The author went on to explain how Elisha prayed for his assistant to have his eyes opened so that he might see what Elisha was seeing.  What Elisha saw was a host of angels protecting him from the Aramean army that had come to kill him. (2 Kings 6: 8-23)

As God opened that assistant's eyes, he was able to understand God’s protection that was available to them.  In the same way, you and I are also protected.  We may not have a physical army coming after us, but we have trouble just the same as we do battle with unseen satanic forces. 

In that chapter, Elisha's first prayer was to open the eyes of his assistant (vs. 17). His second prayer was to blind the eyes of the army (vs. 18).  Only after those two prayers did he do something.  Interestingly his next actions involved leading that blinded army into the hands of the Israelites.  Then he showed them compassion and had the army fed; then he sent them back to their land and brought peace between the countries (vs. 23). All of this was unexpected but effective. The key was that his first action was prayer.

How can we fight like as Israelite? We first need to pray to have our eyes opened to the situation as God sees it.  Then we can put God's plan into action to work for peace.

Prayer point: Please pray for God to help us to see what we need to see so we can pray and serve with the confident faith and diligent effort that He intends.

Today’s Reading: 1 Peter 5:8-9


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